Outdoor Tech: Rhinos Review

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The Rhinos are wireless and waterproof headphones that give a high quality experience while listening to all your favorite podcasts. (Alyssa Urban photo)

Alyssa Urban - March 01, 2019

Grab your Rhinos headphones and spice up your library with these hunting and fishing podcasts.

If you’re a podcast fiend like me, you know how large the podcast world has grown – especially when it comes to hunting and fishing shows. Not only have these outdoor podcasts become a free resource to better myself as a hunter and angler, but they also unite a community of listeners, which is important for this unique industry.

Whether you listen to podcasts when you’re at work, exercising, hiking, on the lake, exploring the mountains or doing whatever it is you do, I am positive that using wireless headphones like Outdoor Tech Rhinos are the best way to listen. So, before I list what I consider the top 10 hunting and fishing podcasts, let me tell you about these eargasm-worthy headphones.

First off, these babies are called Rhinos  for a reason – they are tough! I’ve been caught in the rain with them during some of my runs and outdoor adventures, and I’m happy to report they still work good as new. They’re waterproof, sweatproof, shockproof and the best part: wireless. On a full charge the Rhinos last around 8 hours, but they last me a little longer when I’m not listening to podcasts on full volume all the time (which is very loud).

The wireless range on these headphones is over 30 feet, allowing you to leave your phone or other connected device at a distance. I never have to worry about the Rhinos snapping in half – especially when I pack them for weekend trips – because the headband is wicked flexible, and the muffs fold up!

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The headphones pack up into the perfect travel size to throw into any bag or backpack. (Alyssa Urban photo)

One of the most important features is the built-in microphone paired with Bluetooth. I can answer, end and decline calls by tapping one button on the headphones as I’m wearing them. Along with that, I can activate Siri (or Google Voice) to play my podcasts, without having to even touch my phone! The most unique function is that they can act as Walkie Talkies by connecting to the ODT Audio app. You and your friends can create a group on the app and talk from across the river with your line in the water or while adventuring in the wilderness – as long as you have some service.

Additional Rhinos specs/features:

  • IPX6 water resistant

  • External controls to play/pause, change tracks, raise/lower volume, answer/end/decline calls, Walkie Talkie function button

  • 40mm drivers to deliver clear sound

  • Play time: 8 hours

  • Bluetooth 4.1

  • Wireless range: 32 feet

  • Includes USB charge cable, 3.5mm cable, carry pouch, user manual, 2 ODT stickers

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